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Next year, solar energy industry to win a large win

Although many solar cell plant vigorously look forward to silicon wafer offer to follow the downstream with the decline, but many battery factory also admitted that the moment to cut the silicon wafer prices are still very difficult, and 2011 in the demand is not pessimistic before the premise, The solar industry chain has a high probability of "leaning on thin", with a relatively large gain, especially in the case of a relatively cool source, or a vertical integration plant that extends the battery up to the silicon wafer.

With the solar cell December contract offer trend will follow a slight decline, the battery industry is also looking forward to silicon wafer offer can follow the decline to reduce costs, but the battery industry admitted that the current situation, to shake the silicon wafer Prices are still difficult, unless there is considerable demand and long-term trading relationship, have the opportunity to fight for a little bargaining space.

Solar battery industry operators said that if the terminal market information, starting in November to the traditional off-season, the original estimate, including solar cells and silicon wafer prices are starting to loose, but the battery from the beginning of 11 offer difficult to up and support The hard situation in December, the price began to fall in December, and unexpectedly that the silicon wafer terminal offer has not been shaken, with polysilicon spot market offer also maintain high prices.

Battery industry estimates, due to cross-strait solar cells will soon be out of the new expansion, in view of the 2010 silicon wafer shortage situation is serious, many battery factory will be prepared according to production capacity to prevent the situation in 2011 out of stock If it continues, it will face the dilemma of unpredictable production. It is probably one of the reasons why the operation of the downstream stock may be caused by the fact that the fabs are not affected by the off-season and the demand is in short supply.

Even so, the battery factory also admitted that if the 2011 terminal demand situation is not pessimistic, then the solar photovoltaic industry supply chain will continue in 2010, "the fat thin" trend, the main reason is that silicon wafer production capacity is far less than the battery side Total capacity, and silicon wafer expansion is not only the lack of equipment, but also related supplies such as crucible, silicon carbide and so are missing, I am afraid that is not a short period of time can be resolved.

But also because of the "fat on the thin" trend of the probability of large, so the beneficiaries to win also large, in particular, has a relative cost advantage of polysilicon or silicon wafer contract or a considerable proportion of silicon wafer homemade, can strive for a relatively high gross margin.

2010 vertical integration case to Motech second quarter profit performance by leaps and bounds of the most representative of its analysis of growth is the main reason that has a considerable proportion of silicon wafer homemade, which in 2011 will focus on upgrading the proportion of silicon wafer self- Moody's recently announced a new staff order; another mainland vertical integration plant, including Trina Solar, Yingli, etc. are also seen as more advantages in the field; of course, if the demand is relatively pessimistic in 2011, the vertical integration plant burden is relatively large The

And the same optimistic assumptions before the 2011 silicon wafer factory profit performance compared to the battery factory is also considered more potential, Taiwanese industry, including the United States and silicon, green, energy, etc., but still need to pay attention to polysilicon Purchase of the cost of the mainland, including GCL-Poly, Jiangxi 赛 peacekeeping and solar energy.

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