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  • PV prices in 2015 is expected to compete with thermal power

    Yesterday by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments held in the Golden Sun demonstration project and solar photovoltaic construction demonstration project mobilization meeting, vice minister of science and technology Cao Jianlin said, and strive to 5 years in the solar power (photovoltaic) cost reduced to the initial And thermal power and other traditional energy level of competition. The next five years, Beijing will invest more than 10 billion yuan to support the development of renewable energy, "second five" end of the city's PV installed capacity will exceed 200 megawatts.
  • Photovoltaic power generation is no longer a "patent" for power companies and PV manufacturers

    Northwest China's largest papermaking company Murray Paper yesterday announced that the company plans to invest 84 million yuan to build 3 megawatts of solar power stations, the average annual generating capacity of 440.7 million kwh.
  • China PV is no longer "only for others to make wedding dress"

    Heavily dependent on foreign markets, the world's largest photovoltaic producer is rapidly increasing the domestic PV market cultivation.
  • Next year, solar energy industry to win a large win

    Although many solar cell plant vigorously look forward to silicon wafer offer to follow the downstream with the decline, but many battery factory also admitted that the moment to cut the silicon wafer prices are still very difficult, and 2011 in the demand is not pessimistic before the premise, The solar industry chain has a high probability of "leaning on thin", with a relatively large gain, especially in the case of a relatively cool source, or a vertical integration plant that extends the battery up to the silicon wafer.
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