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China PV is no longer "only for others to make wedding dress"

Heavily dependent on foreign markets, the world's largest photovoltaic producer is rapidly increasing the domestic PV market cultivation.

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, the State Energy Bureau and other four departments held a meeting in Beijing yesterday, news came in last year and this year's domestic photovoltaic power generation demonstration project put into operation, the next two years China will be local conditions To further expand the demonstration, and "strive to 2012 after the annual domestic application scale of not less than 1000 megawatts (100 million kilowatts)".

This means that, 2 years later, China's annual investment in the domestic market, the installed capacity of the PV will exceed the current domestic total installed capacity of photovoltaic. National Energy Board had previously predicted that this year may be doubled in the case of growth, to the end of this year, China can achieve the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic 600,000 kilowatts.

As the world's largest PV producer, China produced about 4,000 megawatts of PV modules last year, but more than 96 percent of them are sold abroad, and this year's PV modules are expected to exceed half of the global market share, but the vast Part is still sold overseas.

In the global climate change and domestic energy-saving emission reduction background, start the domestic PV market has been the voice of the industry.

Globally, the PV industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with an average annual growth of 40%, but as a new energy form, its price and traditional energy there is still a big gap, its development depends largely on the support policy The introduction and implementation.

Yesterday, the four ministries and commissions held a joint meeting to give a clear signal on the Chinese PV application market, said "already have large-scale promotion and application conditions", and said that in order to further promote the domestic photovoltaic power generation applications, continue to take concessions Tender support light resource-rich areas of large-scale desert power station construction at the same time, will actively use the financial subsidies to increase the Golden Sun and solar photovoltaic applications demonstration project implementation efforts.

Among them, the Golden Sun and solar photovoltaic building application demonstration projects, the central government on the key equipment according to the bid price of 50% subsidy, other costs according to different types of projects were 4 yuan / watt and 6 yuan / watt to give fixed subsidies.

In 2009, the Ministry of Finance and other three ministries to start the Golden Sun demonstration project, the grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project in principle according to the photovoltaic power generation system and its matching transmission and distribution project 50% of the total investment to grant subsidies, and this time, Key equipment by the winning price to give 50% subsidy, but also an additional 4 yuan / watt and 6 yuan / watt fixed subsidies.

Industry experts, the current domestic 1 watt PV assembly price of about 18 to 22 yuan, according to the original program, you can get the subsidy of about 9 to 11 yuan, and in accordance with yesterday's four sector meeting given the subsidy program, in the key equipment (Components and inverter add up to 15 to 18 yuan per watt) subsidies after 50%, and then enjoy the $ 4 to 6 yuan per watt subsidy, equivalent to the subsidy has more than 70%.

Four departments yesterday also proposed that the future will accelerate the concentration of contiguous demonstration, to explore the establishment of an effective photovoltaic business model, and the development zone and industrial park as the focus of domestic expansion of photovoltaic power generation applications.

Including the Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone, including 13 development zones were as "the first batch of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area" at the meeting.

The meeting also proposed to protect the project and network operation, the national grid will further standardize and simplify the network procedures, improve the relevant technical standards and management system, in time for the project unit to provide network services; implementation of demonstration projects spontaneous policy, The state approved the local desulfurization coal-fired unit benchmarking the implementation of the full purchase price.

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