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PV prices in 2015 is expected to compete with thermal power

Yesterday by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments held in the Golden Sun demonstration project and solar photovoltaic construction demonstration project mobilization meeting, vice minister of science and technology Cao Jianlin said, and strive to 5 years in the solar power (photovoltaic) cost reduced to the initial And thermal power and other traditional energy level of competition. The next five years, Beijing will invest more than 10 billion yuan to support the development of renewable energy, "second five" end of the city's PV installed capacity will exceed 200 megawatts. Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Energy Director Gao Xinyu said that in the photovoltaic power generation projects, the Ministry of Finance subsidies on the basis of the Beijing municipal government will add subsidies 3 yuan / watt, which will enable enterprises to build photovoltaic projects cost savings of more than half.

In recent years, with China's production scale and technological progress, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has dropped significantly. In 2008, the domestic PV grid tariff per kilowatt-hour of about 4 yuan. By 2009, the National Energy Board, the first batch of photovoltaic power plant concession tender, the price has dropped to 1.4 yuan per kilowatt-hour, while the beginning of this year's second batch of tender prices broke through the 1 yuan mark.

The price of the photovoltaic power generation really enter the full promotion period. Yesterday's meeting, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and other 13 development zones were identified as China's first "centralized application of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area." Vice Minister of Finance Zhang Shaochun said, and strive to 2012 after the annual domestic application of the scale of not less than 1000 megawatts, the formation of sustained and stable, expanding photovoltaic applications market.

According to the meeting, China will further increase the Golden Sun and solar photovoltaic construction demonstration project policy support efforts, the central government on the key equipment according to the price of 50% subsidy agreement, other costs according to different types of projects were 4 yuan / w And 6 yuan / watt to give fixed subsidies, and the establishment of "financial - science and technology linkage of the new mechanism", through the implementation of demonstration projects to start the market, promote the industrialization of science and technology and scale, so that the cost of photovoltaic power generation continued to decline, as soon as possible to achieve "parity" The

It is noteworthy that, with yesterday's total installed capacity of 20 megawatts of photovoltaic roof power generation project in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone officially unveiled, Beijing officially entered the era of photovoltaic power generation megawatt. And 20 megawatts is only a beginning, although the application of photovoltaic power generation in Beijing is still in its infancy, the city's total installed capacity of less than 1 megawatts of photovoltaic, but high-new Yu said that the "second five" during the Beijing will be large-scale renewable energy Development and utilization of the roof to the development of photovoltaic projects, combined with the sun campus, the sun garden and other forms of development of integrated photovoltaic power generation projects, will also be in Miyun, Yanqing and other suburbs of the county and the use of wasteland and industrial and agricultural development areas can not be developed photovoltaic Power station project. (Source: Beijing Daily)

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