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  • The term of the grant is that the US investor buys the solar equipment

    With the US federal grant program coming to an end on the 31st, solar energy equipment investors also rush to grab the last bus before the deadline, which also makes some solar equipment inventory situation.
  • Central government subsidies for key equipment for photovoltaic power generation 50%

    Ministry of Finance website recently issued a document, said the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, the National Energy Board and other four departments held a meeting today in Beijing, the joint deployment of domestic photovoltaic power generation to promote large-scale application work, and strive to 2012 after the annual domestic application scale Below 1000 megawatts, the central government to the key equipment to win 50% of the price subsidy. The article pointed out that the meeting that China has a large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation conditions
  • Taiwan Department of solar cell factory due to market instability to wait and see strategy

    As the 2011 solar market conditions are estimated to be "price trend" to decide everything, even with the global price-led mainland industry in 2011 offer has been out, but Taiwan's solar cell plant most choose "wait and see" strategy, resulting in the 2011 price So far unknown Solar energy industry pointed out that in 2009 the car is too slow to cut prices caused by the potential loss of potential orders, but some industry analysts believe that the market is not difficult to price, but the demand will not be pessimistic in 2009, and the first price will likely Change, the current price is not absolute significance.
  • China's polysilicon supply in 2011 is difficult to ease the situation

    According to the data released by China Customs, China in January 2010 to October total imports of 35745 tons of polysilicon, of which imports in the first half of 18,000 tons. Is expected to import more than 22,000 tons of polysilicon in the second half.
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